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Does Web3 Gaming Have A Bot Problem?

Levan Kvirkvelia, the founder of the anti-bot protection software Jigger, recently released a report that analyzed over 60 Web3 games and services. This study eventually found evidence of 20,000 bots spread across these 60 Web3 games, meaning that bots make up 40% of Web3 gaming’s player base.

The founder of Xborg, Louis Regis, basically confirmed this information with CryptoSlate. In a statement made exclusively to the publication, Regis said that “many games artificially boost their player bases with bots and multiple accounts in order to increase their valuations.”

The report also provided a greater analysis of individual games and services. Some of the Web3 projects analyzed by Kvirkvelia found that bots made up 80% of a specific game’s player base.

“This comes as no surprise; the truth is, the data we have in the space shows almost 2M wallets have interacted with gaming dApps – which is far from a good indication of REAL active players,” Omar Ghanem, the head of Polkastarter Gaming, told CryptoSlate.

(All information was provided by CryptoSlate)

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