Riot Wants To Make A League Of Legends Circuit For Women

It sounds like Riot Games wants to make a global League of Legends circuit for women. According to sources that spoke with Esports News UK, Riot had previously hosted internal conversations to launch a women’s LoL circuit. Now, as Esports News UK puts it, G2 Esports’ recent signing of a women’s League of Legends team “has taken the idea forward.”

At this time, a lot is still not known about this proposed esports circuit. While we do know this series will be happening, the launch date for the circuit remains a mystery.

“Riot Games values diversity in the esports ecosystem,” the organization said in a statement to Esports News UK. “Concurrently, many LoL Esports leagues around the world have been executing and further developing diversity programs to make professional competitive League of Legends more accessible to more players. We plan to continue to build and test more programs next year with aspirations to expand to more globally integrated systems in the future. We applaud G2’s recent move into this space, which shows their dedication and commitment to their esports program and the League community, and look forward to continuing to partner with them on their initiatives.” 

Beyond creating a global circuit, Riot has also considered hosting isolated tournaments open to female gamers. However, plans for these events are still in the works.

Additionally, sources said that a Game Changers tournament coming to European League of Legends leagues is something that has “definitely” been discussed. And, now that G2 has added a women’s roster, this development now seems “likelier than ever.”

(All information was provided by Esports News UK [1,2])

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