The Head Of Amazon Games Is Concerned About The Gaming Industry

Recently, Christoph Hartmann, the head of Amazon Games, was interviewed by GameSpot. During this conversation, Hartmann explained that he believes the gaming industry will end up being a monopoly. Furthermore, he noted how different gaming is compared to 20 years ago.

“In the long run, we’re all dead,” Hartmann said. “Every business, as long as the state doesn’t interfere, will end up as a monopoly in some form. Not that I’m saying [we at Amazon are] going for that. What I’m saying is there are fewer and fewer players. I’ve been doing this for 25 years, and the amount of game companies I have seen back then to what it is now… now, Activision is getting sold. Who’s left? Take-Two and EA. Take-Two, I don’t know, I think with GTA everyone is steering away because it’s an invitation for trouble… And EA, there’s all the mumblings out there…”  

This observation comes on the heels of a recent rumor that Amazon was looking to buy EA. While that rumor ended up not being true, it still highlights the consolidation going on within the gaming space. And, as Comicbook Gaming puts it, “it doesn’t seem like things are going to slow down” any time soon.

(All information was provided by Comicbook Gaming)

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