Here’s How Many People Tuned In For Evo 2022

Evo (or, as it’s formally known, the Evolution Championship Series) was held in Las Vegas, Nevada from August 5th to the 7th. And, according to Upcomer, 3.7 million people reportedly tuned in for this year’s edition of the event. 18,000 actually attended the three-day series in person.

“I’m proud of the experience the combined teams from Evo, Sony Interactive Entertainment, RTS, and the incredible event staff delivered at Evo 2022,” said Rick Thiher, the general manager of Evo. “It was a challenge to execute a live event at this scale in the new, not-quite-post-COVID environment, but we committed ourselves to meeting our community’s expectations and delivered a great event.”

Evo 2022 featured 43 exhibitions, 93, artists, vendors, and a free-to-play arcade. Based on data from a press release, Street Fighter V ended up being the biggest draw with roughly 250,000 viewers. Tekken 7 placed second on the viewership list followed by Guilty Gear -Strive-, and The King of Fighters XV. Over 7,000 gamers from 63 countries came to participate in the events.

Founded in 1996, Evo is an annual esports event that focuses almost exclusively on the fighting game genre. This was the first Evo series event to be held since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

(All information was provided by Upcomer and Wikipedia)

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