Top Twitch Streamers Want Gambling Banned On The Platform

Recently, a Twitch streamer known as Sliker admitted that he had scammed fans and other content creators out of at least $200,000 in an attempt to fund his CS:GO gambling addiction. During a tearful confession, Sliker admitted that he started borrowing money from other streamers by lying to them about what the funds would be used for. He also promised he would pay back all the people he had wronged.

“I deserve punishment. Whatever happens, happens,” he said. “I don’t know what to say to the people I borrowed from… this is the epitome of gambling. I want to say don’t touch it.”

Since his admission, many big-name streamers have been working to set up a boycott of Twitch during the week of Christmas to protest the platform’s relaxed attitudes towards gambling. Some of the people expected to take part in this strike include Pokimane, Mizkif, and Devin Nash.

Meanwhile, some popular Twitch streamers have already heard these complaints and have elected to take this recent incident as a call to action. Ludwig and xQc have said they plan to pay back some of the people that were scammed if they are able to prove their money was taken.

“Some of the stories are terrible,” xQc tweeted. “There’s no way we were gonna sit there and watch/listen. I’m done tweeting about the optics of this. I don’t give no f*ck about what people think about it.”

Since this story broke, Twitch has already announced it would be banning gambling-related streams. This ban will take effect on October 18th.

(All information was provided by Kotaku)

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