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Coinbase Teaming Up With Enthusiast Gaming

On September 8th, Enthusiast Gaing Holdings Inc. announced it had agreed to a partnership with Coinbase. This deal will see Enthusiast Gaming power Coinbase’s Web3-enabled games. Moreover, Coinbase will be given access to developer tools, educational content, and community-building support systems.

EV.IO, Enthusiast Gaming’s browser-based first-person shooter game, will be at the center of this partnership. Thanks to this deal, EV.IO gamers will be able to earn cryptocurrency-based rewards for finishing in-game achievements.

“Coinbase is the perfect technology partner and is an expert at onboarding users to a Web3 experience,” said Bill Karamouzis, President of Enthusiast Gaming. “I am excited to see the potential value-enhancing features for our users that our work with Coinbase can bring. Among these value-enhancing features is the already integrated Coinbase Wallet. This self-custody wallet option allows users to easily send, receive, and manage the cryptocurrency they earn from EV.IO.”

Founded in 2014, Enthusiast Gaming is a Toronto, Canada-based esports company. The organization currently trades stock on the NASDAQ and Toronto Stock exchanges under the ticker symbol “EGLX”.

(All information was provided by GlobeNewswire, NFTgators, and Wikipedia)

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