Former Gearbox And Riot Devs Raise $5.5M For New Studio

Ruckus Games recently announced the company raised $5.5 million in a seed funding round. This money will be used to further the development of the organization’s upcoming cross-platform co-op game.

Transcend led this funding round. Additional participation came from Bitkraft Ventures.

Ruckus Games was founded in 2021 by former Gearbox Software and Riot Games developers. The company’s current CEO is Paul Sage, the former creative director of Borderlands 3. Other founders include Jesse McIntyre (The Elder Scrolls Online) and Paul Richards (Overwatch and Fortnite).

“When we were looking at making a studio and Ruckus’ first game, we wanted to bring the creative risk-taking we see in independent studios into the gaming mainstream, giving our developers a much-needed voice in the industry they’ve helped to build,” Sage said in a statement. “That benefits players when we do it right – they get to play something unique, filled with passion, and chock-full of stupid amounts of fun. What could be better?”

(All information was provided by and VentureBeat)

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