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Logitech Is Making A Handheld Video Game Console

Logitech recently unveiled its G Cloud Gaming Handheld video game console on September 21st. This comes after a teaser of the console was leaked in August.

The handheld device will be able to access the Google Play Store, NVIDIA’s GeForce Now service, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. It has a seven-inch IPS touchscreen as well as two offset analog thumbsticks. It also features a D-pad and several other types of buttons and functionalities.

What separates the G Cloud Gaming handheld from the Switch and the Steam Deck is its cloud gaming abilities. Players are able to access cloud gaming services without the need for a TV or a computer. meanwhile, the Steam Deck is only designed to run games locally.

“They have done a phenomenal job. But it’s less about cloud gaming — it’s more about ‘how can I have a PC in my hands,’” said the GM of Logitech Gaming, Ujesh Desai told me.

This Android-powered handheld device will be available in North America starting on October 17th. The product reportedly costs $349.99.

The Profit‘s Take:

The introductory price was $299, but they have already announced plans to increase that price to $349.99. Maybe they’re trying to disrupt the success of the Steam Deck. It’s possible Logitech wants to take away Valve’s advantage by under-cutting them in terms of price. Regardless, I think this fails for sure. It relies on cloud gaming services, which have not done well. Right off the bat, your customer base is quite small. You’re also getting worse hardware for a product that’s about the same price as a Steam Deck. Valve has a different business model than Logitech. They make money by selling games on their platform. They could lose money on the hardware if they thought it would sell more products on Steam. Logitech doesn’t have that luxury. They need the hardware to be profitable. I don’t know who this is for. There are already a lot of good mobile and handheld gaming options. I’m quite sure the world doesn’t need this.

(All information was provided by TechCrunch and The Verge)

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