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New Studio Raises $7.6M In Seed Round

On September 20th, Random Games announced the organization had raised $7.6 million in a seed funding round. This round was co-led by Resolute Ventures and Asymmetric. Additional participation came from IGNIA, 2 Punks Capital, ID345, and Polygon.

Random Games will use this money to continue building out the Unioverse, a massive community-driven Web3 gaming franchise that features blockchain-based rewards. The Unioverse will serve as a platform that hosts a series of video games that will be made available to communities and developers royalty-free. This will allow creators to download any assets they wish that can be used to create video games, movies, clothing, and so on.

“Imagine if Marvel released character art and 3D models and told fans to go make – and profit from – their fan films and comics,” said Tony Harman, the Co-Founder of Random Games. “That’s how big this idea is. We have a team of world-class writers, artists, and developers building the Unioverse and we are basically giving it away!”

Random Games said that this funding round will be used to support the expansion of the company’s talent roster. Additionally, this money will allow development to begin on the first Unioverse games and AAA assets.

(All information was provided by Business Wire and NFTgators)

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