Is Bungie Working On A Mobile Game?

As first noticed by The Game Post, it appears that Bungie Inc. has filed six patents recently for touchscreen controls. And, one of these patents reportedly mentions the Destiny franchise.

Many of these patents are based on the concept of a “virtual controller” outfitted with virtual buttons. On top of that, some of these filings tackle ideas like “virtual button charging” which will allow a type of auto=sprint feature as well as aim-assist and swipe-and-drag capabilities.

These patents were reportedly filed in March. Based on this information, we could infer that Bungie has already been working on a mobile game for some time.

Bungie has never made a mobile game before. However, this is not the first time the company has been linked to mobile gaming. According to a report from The Game Post, Bungie partnered with NetEase to apparently begin work on “an unannounced FPS mobile game.”

(All information was provided by DualShockers, Game Rant, IGN, and Wikipedia)

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