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The Creator Of PUBG Wants To Make A MASSIVE Metaverse

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, who famously created PUBG, is currently working on a new project. According to The Washington Post, this metaverse-focused experience is currently being called Artemis.

In 2019, the developer unveiled a new project, Prologue (an open-world survival game on a 40-square-mile map), following his departure from the PUBG team. However, in the October 4th, 2022 edition of the Hit Points newsletter, Greene explained that Prologue will serve as a technology demo for Artemis, an Earth-sized virtual sandbox.

“I’m quite zealous about this,” Greene said. “It has to be made a certain way. The only way this exists is if it’s made for everyone, and it’s not made for money. We’ve created some new knowledge here: mapping terrain, populating it with trees and assets, inserting artist-made locations into that terrain. And, that’s all done generatively, as you move through the world. We’re building a digital place that has to have an economy, and it has to have systems at work.”

Due to the immense size of this virtual world, PlayerUnknown Productions has devoted a massive amount of resources toward building a game engine called Melba. This task will take several years to complete, about ten to 15 by Greene’s estimation. Still, when it is finished, it will likely be one of the biggest metaverses of all time.

(All information was provided by The Washington Post)

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