Ludwig Is Fighting Back Against YouTube’s Music Copyright Rules

On September 27th, Ludwig Ahgren announced that he had joined forces with fellow streamer Jschlatt to hire several professional musicians to recreate some of the most popular musical pieces in video game history. The two then decided to offer this music to YouTubers for free so that creators can avoid DMCA takedowns due to potential copyright infringements.

Additionally, the streamers recreated Nintendo-inspired tracks for creators to use in videos. These pieces are reminiscent of the Wii Shop theme and Animal Crossing.

“They’re free for anyone to use,” Ludwig said. “All you need to do is credit our name.”

As of this writing, there are nine songs available on the YouTube channel, which is currently being called Lud and Schlatt’s Musical Emporium. More songs are expected to be added to the channel based on fan interest.

(All information was provided by Dexerto and Google)

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