Zynga Relocation Points To Changing Work Model

Video game developer Zynga recently moved its headquarters from San Francisco to a smaller building in San Mateo, California. According to Zynga’s Vice President of Real Estate and Workplace Experience, Ken Stuart, this move aims to accommodate Zynga’s adoption of a hybrid work model that allows people to work-from-home part-time.

“During COVID as hard as it was, we recognized there were some good components to it,” Stuart said. “Part of the hybrid work model is, how do you create an office space that can be typical in its nature. Meaning people have workstations, but really super flexible in order to support the new hybrid work model with people coming in for activities and collaboration specifically and less dedicated heads down work.”

Zynga is one of the most recognizable video game developers in the world. The organization is responsible for creating numerous hit titles including Farmville, Words With Friends, and a slew of other games.

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