NLRB Finds Wrongdoing Following Investigation Into Activision-Blizzard

Following an investigation by the National Labor Relations Board, it was discovered that Activision-Blizzard withheld raises from quality assurance testers at the company’s subsidiary Raven Software. Moreover, the NLRB attributed the withholding of raises to “the testers’ union activity,” according to The Washington Post.

This is an incredibly significant development since Activision-Blizzard is currently in union-bargaining negotiations with QA testers at Raven Software. This comes after Members of this organization voted to unionize earlier this year

“It’s a very preliminary win for the union at this point. It gives them a little bit of leverage,” said Wilma Liebman, the former chairman of the NLRB under former President Barack Obama. “It’s part of their tactics, you know, hit them wherever they can, to put pressure on the company in order to reach an agreement with them and to stop violating the law.”

According to The Washington Post, Raven Software and Activision-Blizzard will continue collective bargaining negotiations. However, if the two sides can’t agree to terms, the NLRB will be allowed to either issue a complaint or prosecute the case before a federal judge.

(All information was provided by The Hollywood Reporter and The Washington Post)

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