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This Gaming Chair Will Make You Pay The Price For In-Game Deaths

Besides being the world’s premiere streaming platform for video games, Twitch also acts as a marketplace for people to show off new gaming ideas and innovations. This point is proven by KeatDawg, who recently created something we haven’t seen before: a gaming chair that dunks you every time you die in-game.

As a 20-year-old streamer, KeatDawg has been forced to create a new type of gaming chair to help him stand out from other influencers on Twitch. To do this, he built a chair that dunks him into a big bucket of water any time he dies in the video game Jump King. After every time he is dunked, he sets the chair back up again and continues on with his game.

The bucket of water is cleverly placed underneath the chair so that his hardware doesn’t get wet. And, his headset is attached to a wire so that it doesn’t get plunged into the water with him.

KeatDawg began streaming this past June. Since then, he has been dunked over 345 times according to TheGamer. So, it sounds like he may need to improve his gaming skills if he is going to want to stay dry.

The Profit‘s Take:

I mean… this is the greatest gaming chair ever, right? This chair makes for great content at the very least. I also see the potential applications for this chair in the workplace.

(All information was provided by TheGamer and Twitch)

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