The Controversy Surrounding The Voice Of Bayonetta

Hellena Taylor, the original voice of Bayonetta, has been making waves after she claimed she was not fairly compensated for the voice acting work she did for the popular video game series. In fact, Taylor has asked fans to boycott the game entirely.

In early October, PlatinumGames confirmed Hellena Taylor would not be returning as the voice of Bayonetta for Bayonetta 3. While PlatinumGames said that this was due to “various overlapping circumstances,” Taylor explained that she won’t be working on the game because she was reportedly offered $4,000 “to do the whole game… as a flat rate,” which she claimed was an “insult.”

Fans of the game did not like what Taylor had to say. They began to attack her on social media and call her a gold digger. This caused Taylor to once again comment on the drama, where she explained that she was actually offered a total of $15,000 during contract negotiations.

Taylor said that she was initially offered $10,000 to play Bayonetta in the upcoming game, but she felt that number was too low, so she wrote a letter to the game’s director asking him to pay her what she is worth. Bloomberg is reporting that she asked for a six-figure fee and residuals. In the end, though, Taylor claimed that she was paid $3,400 for the first game in the series and a “little more” for the sequel.

Bayonetta 3 will be hitting stores on October 28th. That game will be available for the Nintendo Switch.

(All information was provided by GameSpot, IMDb, Nintendo Life, and Wikipedia)

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