This NFL Team Just Created A New Gaming Community

As part of a collaboration with Rival Games, the Cleveland Browns recently announced that it had launched an interactive gaming community for Browns fans called Chompions League. This initiative will see the Browns and Rival host several esports tournaments and events as well as in-person activations.

“Through Chompions League and our efforts with Rival, we have the opportunity to engage and as importantly help connect a community that shares a passion for the Browns, sports, and online gaming,” said the team’s Senior Vice President of Marketing & Media, Brent Rossi. “Whether it’s fantasy football or video games, we have seen how enjoying friendly competition brings people closer together through their love of the game, whether it is occurring physically on a field or within a digital arena.”

The first Chompions League event, which was held on October 18th, was a Madden NFL 23 tournament broken up into two categories: PS5 and Xbox One. The winners of the competitions were awarded autographed Myles Garrett jerseys.

The Chompions League is available for anybody to join. If you are interested in becoming a part of the community, click here.

(All information was provided by the Cleveland Browns)

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