The Lawsuit Between Epic Games, Google, And Match Is Heating Up

Based on a motion filed on October 7th, it seems that Epic Games and Match Group are looking to expand their lawsuit against Google. Previously, the two companies accused Google of paying off app developers that could have made an application that could have competed with the Android App Store. This would be a direct violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

In a filing last year, Epic and Match had detailed a plan by Google known as Project Hug, an initiative that would later be renamed the Apps and Games Velocity Program. According to TechCrunch, This effort “focused on paying game developers hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives to keep their games on the Google Play Store.”

Now, Epic and Match are looking to add to their original complaint with two new allegations. The companies are now accusing Google of either inducing or paying its potential competitors to not distribute apps on Android phones that could compete with the Google Play Store.

Google has since responded to these allegations, telling Engadget it would be opposing the motion. In fact, a spokesperson said that “Epic and Match are adding more inaccurate claims to their failing lawsuits and we’re looking forward to setting the record straight in court,”

(All information was provided by Engadget, Pocket, and TechCrunch)

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