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Burberry Joins Forces With Minecraft

The luxury fashion and beauty brand Burberry recently announced that it had partnered with the hit children’s game Minecraft. This collaboration marks the first time Burberry has joined forces with a video game franchise.

This partnership has been labeled Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond. This collab will see the two sides launch a physical capsule collection. Additionally, the companies will host a range of virtual and real-life experiences that will allow people to immerse themselves in the Burberry x Minecraft universe.

The capsule collection was made available for purchase online starting on November 1st. Gamers will also be able to access the experience via the Minecraft Marketplace starting as early as October 31st.

“From the digital to the physical, immerse yourself in the world of Burberry x Minecraft, filled with adventure, creativity, and self-expression,” reads the collaboration’s product page. “From 1 November, discover the in-game adventure, a capsule collection, and more.”

This activation will also have unique benefits for Minecraft gamers. Players will be given access to 15 different downloadable skins based on fantasy and fashion.

The Profit‘s Take:

I wanted to love this, but I’m unsure about it. I love that they didn’t mention the term “metaverse,” even though this is better than pretty much every metaverse activation we’ve seen. It’s much smarter to do this in Minecraft rather than The Sandbox or Decentraland. I wish more luxury brands saw video games as metaverses. Burberry did that here. There’s subtle brainwashing that occurs over the years when you end up with these types of collaborations. A 13-year-old won’t buy Burberry products tomorrow. But, maybe they will at a later date because of brand familiarity due to this activation. This has long-term ROI potential. Kudos to Burberry.

(All information was provided by Burberry and HYPEBAE)

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