Apple Has Pulled Some Gambling Ads From The App Store

According to the New York Post, Apple has pulled gambling advertisements from the iPhone’s App Store after casino games appeared in the “you may also like” section that can be found next to children’s games and gambling addiction recovery applications. Apple has said that the removal of these ads is only temporary, referring to the decision as a “pause.”

This issue was brought to Apple’s attention on October 26th, when an advertisement for Jackpot World was chosen as a suggested app below the RecoverMe application which is designed to help people recovering from gambling addictions. Another user found an ad for a horse betting app on the same page.

Several app developers took to social media to express their displeasure with this advertising model. Understandably, many devs said they didn’t want their apps appearing alongside gambling ads, regardless of their content.

Beyond announcing the pause, Apple has not yet responded to a request for comment.

(All information was provided by Hindustan Times and New York Post)

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