DRX Wins League Of Legends World Championship

A new League of Legends World Champion has been crowned! Earlier this month, DRX was able to upset T1 to win the 2022 League of Legends World Championship in San Francisco, California.

DRX managed to go undefeated in the play-in round while posting a 4-2 record after that in group play. This earned them a spot in the knockout stage, where they were first tasked with going up against the reigning world champs, Edward Gaming. After dropping the first two matches, DRX stormed back to win three straight games, eventually taking the series and advancing to the semifinals. From there, they were able to make quick work of Gen.G Esports, beating them soundly by a score of three games to one.

Then, DRX faced their toughest opponent in the Grand Finals: T1. The teams alternated victories in the first three matches, with T1 winning Games One and Three. However, DRX managed to win Games Four and Five, claiming the series and the title of League of Legends World Champs.

This also happened to be the most-watched League of Legends World Championship tournament of all time. At its peak, the grand finals matchup attracted over 5.1 million concurrent viewers, 2.3 times more than the tournament’s second most popular matchup.

(All information was provided by Esports Charts, Liquipedia, and Wikipedia [1,2,3])

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