VR Gaming In Your Car Is Now Possible

Audi has begun producing cars that are equipped to handle virtual reality gaming. This comes months after the tech start-up Holoride announced it would be bringing VR headsets to Audi SUVs and Sedans this year.

The virtual reality system from Holoride is currently available in numerous vehicles. The headset-based system can be installed in Audi A4s, A5s, A6s, A7s, A8s, Q5s, Q7s, Q8s, and Audi E-Trons. That system will cost you roughly $698.

That isn’t the only way you can experience VR in Audis. If you already happen to own an HTC Vive Flow headset, then you can simply purchase a gamepad for about $50 instead.

If you purchase an official VR gaming kit with your Audi, you will get to use the system free for 12 months. However, after that, it will cost about $20 a month. Or, you can pay a full-year price worth roughly $15/month.

As of this writing, these virtual reality offerings are only available in German Audi vehicles. However, Holoride expects to introduce these systems to the United States next year.

(All information was provided by CNN, The Drive, and VentureBeat)

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