You Can Now Connect Your Xbox To Discord Voice Channels

Microsoft officially released its November update of Xbox on November 16th. This update now allows Xbox owners to connect to Discord voice channels using only their consoles.

This is expected to be a welcome addition to Xbox. In the past, users needed to transfer their Discord voice calls from the desktop/mobile app onto their Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. Now, that additional step is no longer needed.

Connecting your Xbox to Discord voice channels is easy. Simply open your guide, go to Parties & chats, then select Discord. From there, you can scroll through available Discord servers and choose which voice channels you want to join.

To coincide with this announcement, Microsoft also said that it activated noise suppression features for Discord users that are playing on an Xbox Series X|S. This will result in clearer audio when connecting the application to next-gen consoles.

(All information was provided by IGN, Video Games Chronicle, and Xbox Wire)

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