The Last Of Us Is Getting A Board Game

The Last of Us continues to branch out. On top of the upcoming TV adaptation, it now sounds like a board game based on the critically acclaimed franchise is in the works.

Late last month, a Kickstarter campaign was launched by Themeborne, bringing in over $569,000 as of 3:45 PM EST on November 14th. This money will be used to fund (as well as pre-order) copies of The Last of Us: Escape The Dark, a one- to five-person board game.

Escape The Dark lets you play as a group of survivors exploring an open world map. You begin your journey in an area called the Quarantine Zone and then are tasked with traveling to the safe haven of Jackson while trying to make sure everybody in the group stays alive.

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The campaign offers four pledge options. The first allows you to back the game without reward. Option two is a $1 pledge. A backing of roughly $68 gets you a Standard Edition of the game. If you give $103 or more, you will receive the Collector’s Edition which comes with six miniature figurines based on characters from the series.

The board game should be available everywhere except Russia and South America. Earliest shipments are expected to go out starting December 2023.

(All information was provided by Kickstarter, Kotaku, and Wikipedia [1,2])

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