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Another Major Gaming Brand Has Been Hit With Layoffs

Amazon’s incredibly popular cloud gaming service (Luna) has been hit by mass layoffs. According to reports, Amazon plans on firing roughly 10,000 people across numerous divisions of Luna. This will apparently include Luna’s services department which reported losses of up to $5 billion in a single year.

It sounds like many people were impacted by this decision, including most of the Luna team itself. Ex-Software Development Engineer Neel Gotecha revealed that he was laid off “along with most” of his teammates.

“In an unfortunate turn of events, yesterday my team at Amazon Luna was impacted by layoffs at Amazon,” said software development engineer Suchita Mukherjee. “Several of my team members are currently looking for open SDE positions within and outside of Amazon.”

Even though this is expected to lead to a grim market outlook for Amazon, these layoffs barely made a dent in the company’s total workforce. According to the organization’s Q3 2022 earnings report, over 1.6 million people around the globe work for Amazon.

Amazon Luna was launched in October 2020. Luna currently has a starting price as low as $5.99/month. However, interested individuals can access some Luna games for free if they have an Amazon Prime subscription.

The Profit‘s Take:

It goes without saying, but firings are always unfortunate. We hope those impacted land on their feet. I’ve barely heard anything about this product since it was announced. With Google’s failure and Luna’s likely failure, I’m surprised that people are STILL trying to figure out cloud gaming. Google did a few things right with Stadia. The first smart move they made was shutting it down. The other smart move was offering refunds for all Stadia products and purchases.

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