Nintendo Continues To NOT Support Super Smash Esports

The world’s biggest Super Smash Bros tournament is dead. According to a report from Kotaku, the Smash World Tour Championship and the 2023 season have been canceled after Nintendo demanded organizers end operations “without any warning.”

Tournament organizers received notice of the shutdown the night before Thanksgiving. Now, the 2022 SWT Championship, which was originally scheduled to take place from December 9th to the 11th, will no longer be held this year. Had the championship gone on as planned, it would’ve featured the largest prize pool in Smash history at $250,000.

Even though the Smash World Tour expects to lose a lot of money from this decision, organizers still plan on issuing full refunds to those that bought tickets to the now-canceled events.

“We don’t know where everything will land quite yet with contracts, sponsor obligations, etc—in short, we will be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars due to Nintendo’s actions,” said the Smash World Tour’s organizers. “That being said, we are taking steps to remedy [the] many issues that have arisen from canceling the upcoming Smash World Tour Championships — especially for the players. Please keep an eye out in the coming days for help with travel arrangements. Given the timeline that we were forced into, we had to publish this statement before we could iron out all of the details. All attendees will be issued full refunds.”

(All information was provided by Kotaku [1,2] and The Verge)

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