Ubisoft And Riot Games Are Combatting Toxicity

On November 16th, Ubisoft and Riot Games announced the two sides had agreed to a partnership in an attempt to reduce toxic comments in in-game chats. Ubisoft and Riot will develop a database that gathers in-game data to better train an AI-based moderation tool that will preemptively detect and mitigate disruptive behaviors in video games.

This is all part of the joint project called Zero Harm in Comms, which has been broken up into two main phases. The first phase will see Ubisoft and Riot create a framework that lets them share, collect, and tag data in a safe way. This ensures that the companies are not keeping people’s personally identifiable data.

Once the framework has been put in place, Ubisoft and Riot will begin phase two. This will see the two sides train artificial intelligence to alleviate “disruptive behaviors” within the gaming space.

“Making online communities more inclusive is an ongoing mission that will never be fully completed,” Riot said in a press release. “With that being said, by working together, we can make meaningful improvements.”

Ubisoft and Riot have already announced plans to share what they learned from this project next year. They will do this “no matter the outcome” of the initiative.

(All information was provided by Riot Games and The Verge)

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