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PlayStation Considering NFTs And Blockchain Games

Is Sony looking to get into NFTs and blockchain gaming? That certainly seems to be the case after a newly published patent suggested that Sony Interactive Entertainment has been actively exploring the use of blockchain mechanics and non-fungible tokens in video games.

This patent was originally filed last year but was only published earlier this month. The patent is entitled “Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Tokens on a Distributed Ledger.”

It covers a system that would be used to track the creation of, use, modification, and transfer of digital assets created within a video game. It also relates to assets created based on gameplay.

“Individuals often find it meaningful to own or use unique physical items related to respected celebrities or activities,” Sony said in the background section of the patent. “For example, fans of skilled baseball player Babe Ruth, or of baseball in general, often seek to purchase and own baseballs autographed by Ruth, baseballs hit by Ruth in an important baseball game, trading cards depicting Ruth, and the like.”

Sony went on to suggest that the system could be used to verify the authenticity of digital assets used by skilled players or other kinds of content creators. Eventually, these assets could be bought, sold, or rented to other players.

The company also explained that the systems and technologies mentioned in the patent would be able to track the lifecycle of digital assets across multiple platforms and titles. It sounds like Sony will be joining the long list of companies exploring blockchain and NFTs.

(All information was provided by Video Games Chronicle)

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