Panda Global Dealing With Fallout From Super Smash Bros. Controversy

Panda Global recently announced it had replaced its CEO, Alan Bunney, and delayed the finals for its current Super Smash Bros. Championship. This comes after Nintendo announced it was shutting down the Smash World Tour Championship, another esports tournament centered around the hit fighting game series.

Panda Global has formed a temporary Interim Management Committee to replace Bunney. The identities of members of this committee have been withheld from the public “due to concerns over harassment and safety.” Besides running the company, this committee will work with any staffers that wish to leave the company.

Panda announced that the upcoming cup final was postponed because of “security concerns for our staff and contractors.” The IMC said it is working to honor refunds for everybody scheduled to attend the event.

Panda’s partnership with Nintendo is not exclusive. According to, numerous players and commentators have already pulled out of the now-postponed 2022 Panda Cup amid the Smash esports controversies.

(All information was provided by, Google, and Video Games Chronicle)

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