One Of The Most Famous Actors To Ever Live Is Getting A New Video Game

The Canadian company B Df’rent Games recently acquired the exclusive rights to make a video game based on Charlie Chaplin’s films and likeness. This comes after the organization agreed to terms brought about by Chaplin’s family asking the game have no sexism, violence, or racism as well as a good storyline.

“What he did, how he did it, how he expressed himself, how he moved still makes people laugh today. They still get a kick out of it… It just lends itself to a game so well,” said B Df’rent Games’ co-founder, Robert Young. “It’s been a five-year process of talking with the family… And it was much more about aligning our values with the Chaplin family than negotiating royalties.”

Following this announcement, the game’s co-development company, Indie Asylum, reached out to PC Gamer to confirm that this title will “NEVER have NFTs.” As explained by Indie Asylum’s co-founder, Christopher Chancey, NFTs “go against everything we stand for and what the Chaplin IP stands for.”

Amazingly, this is not the first video game focused on the world-famous movie star. In 1988, U.S. Gold released an MS-DOS computer game based on Chaplin.

(All information was provided by CBC, PC Gamer, and Wikipedia)

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