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This Lawsuit Claims Fortnite Is Addictive

A Superior Court judge in Québec has authorized a class-action lawsuit being brought against Epic Games. The suit alleges that children in the region became addicted to the company’s hit game Fortnite.

Justice Sylvain Lussier issued the ruling on December 7th after hearing arguments earlier this year regarding the class-action request from three parents that explained their children had developed symptoms of severe dependence after playing the game. As a result, the judge ruled that “there is a serious issue to be argued, supported by sufficient and specific allegations, as to the existence of risks or even dangers arising from the use of Fortnite.”

“Our motion was heavily inspired by the tobacco motion just in terms of what we were alleging,” said lawyer Alessandra Esposito Chartrand, in an interview.

The parents taking part in the suit allege Fortnite was made to be highly addictive and that the game has a lasting effect on children. One parent claimed that their child had played over 6,900 games. Another parent says their child played the game more than 7,700 times over the last two years.

Epic Games did not respond to a request for comment that was sent out on December 8th. According to Global News, the company has 30 days to seek permission to appeal the case.

The Profit‘s Take:

If this plays out in favor of the parents in Québec, then we could see a similar lawsuit ten times the size of this in the United States. Maybe Canada is trying to mirror what China’s doing. They do follow in China’s footsteps in MANY ways. I’m wondering where the parents are in all of this. They should be taking some of the blame instead of just putting it all on Epic.

(All information was provided by Global News)

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