Can Gaming Land You A Better Job?

Researchers from the University of Surrey recently teamed up with Game Academy Ltd to understand people’s gaming behaviors. This study aimed to find out if playing video games could lead to a more successful professional life.

16,033 people participated in this survey. The subjects were asked to play various video games on Steam. After that, scientists identified the 800 most-played games and then analyzed the gender and job details of those games’ players.

The study showed that engineers and members of the IT industry preferred playing puzzle games. Meanwhile, managers tended to play action RPGs. Also, the research revealed that women preferred single-player games while men were more interested in shooter games.

“In recruitment processes, the best candidates may be missed because organizations do not consider the soft skills that have been gained through non-work activities (for example, online gaming),” said the study’s lead author, Anna-Stiina Wallinheimo. “As a result of our research, we believe applicants’ online gaming experiences should be highlighted because these acquired soft skills can really help to develop their all-around strengths for the job at hand.”

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