Are There Still Supply Chain Issues In The Gaming Space?

It seems like supply chain issues in the gaming industry may be a thing of the past. This comes after PlayStation head Jim Ryan apologized for shortages of PS5s and claimed that the issue had now been “resolved.”

“We would like to report that we have resolved the long-term supply issues of the PlayStation 5 and we will be able to deliver to Japan and Asia customers from year-end shopping season and into 2023,” Ryan said at the recent PlayStation Partner Awards in Japan. “We apologize for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.”

Ryan didn’t provide further elaboration on how or why the PS5 stock issues were resolved. Additionally, Ryan didn’t specifically state that these supply chain issues had been resolved worldwide. So, it’s possible that only Japan and other Asian countries will be able to get their hands on PS5s in time for the holidays.

(All information was provided by GamesRadar+)

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