Is Tencent Done With Mobile Gaming?

It sounds like one of the world’s most powerful video game companies could be shifting its focus away from the mobile gaming sector. At least, that’s according to Michelle Liu, the CEO of Tencent Global Games.

Miss Liu was recently interviewed by During this conversation, Liu indicated that Tencent’s international outreach will have a strong focus on AAA and console games in an attempt to compete with Western gaming companies.

“For the future, cross-platform is the [key] direction,” she said. “What we are good at is mobile and our in-house studios are good at generating [great] mobile games. What we want to explore more is to have more partner studios. They have good AAA and AA [experience] and a good production capability. If we can integrate and inspire each other together, I think that’s the future.”

Tencent certainly has the studios and investments to make the shift to AAA and console games. The organization wholly-owns Riot Games while also holding a 40% stake in Epic Games.

(All information was provided by, Newzoo, Pocket, and Wikipedia)

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