Entain Launches Esports-Focused Mental Health Campaign

The Entain Foundation US recently announced it would be launching the #MindYourGame campaign to emphasize mental health. This initiative will see wellness sessions conducted at over 450 high schools in 40 American states.

The campaign aims to support young players that struggle with problem gaming. Through a partnership with the INTENTA platform, the #MindYourGame initiative will educate students on the benefits of esports while also raising awareness about safe play.

Beyond that, the campaign will include an educational esports series dubbed Gaming World. This collection of videos will provide viewers with strategies to play safely while protecting and improving mental health.

“There has been an associated rise in gaming and mental health issues: an estimated 3% of gamers suffer from gaming disorder, and 10% are at risk of problematic play,” Entain said in a statement. “Therefore, esports requires careful attention from players, families, educators, and professionals to play safely and responsibly.”

(All information was provided by Entain Group and Pokerfuse)

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