The International Esports Federation Has Partnered With A Data Firm

The International Esports Federation (IESF) recently unveiled a partnership with Nielsen. This deal will see Nielsen provide valuable data and insights into the state of the ever-growing esports industry.

This agreement will also see Nielsen provide an in-depth analysis of data from the World Esports Championships Finals that recently concluded in Indonesia. This data will identify areas of growth for both the IESF and the World Esports family.

“At Nielsen, we have been measuring major esports events around the world for more than five years. We pride ourselves on our independent and robust methodology, which has benefitted many major buyers and sellers of sponsorship over the years,” said Mike Wragg, the APAC region’s managing director at Nielsen Sport. “The WE Championships Finals is a further opportunity to provide valuable and actionable insights and we hope that by working with IESF on this, we can help contribute to the future development and expansion of Esports across the world.”

The IESF World Esports Championships were held in Bali, Indonesia from December 7th to December 11th. In the end, Team North Macedonia ended up placing first and taking home 50% of the event’s $100,000 prize pool.

(All information was provided by European Gaming Industry News and Liquipedia)

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