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Gamers Prefer Bitcoin Over NFTs

The financial technology firm Zebedee recently conducted a survey of U.S. gamers to find out their understanding and exposure to blockchain technologies. Based on this study, gamers have a greater interest in Bitcoins over NFTs.

67% of responders said that they were more likely to play free games if they offered crypto-based rewards. 45% of those surveyed believe there are benefits to trading game characters and items. 23% of those questioned said that this type of trading could negatively impact their gaming experience. Meanwhile, 32% of those surveyed did not comment.

The study also shows that 27% of respondents are interested in earning Bitcoins by playing video games. However, that number fell to just 5% when it came to earning NFTs in video games.

“Despite the bulk of industry attention being focused on NFTs, we found that Bitcoin stands out as the most popular decentralized asset amongst gamers when compared against other cryptocurrencies, including NFTs,” said Zebedee chief strategy officer Ben Cousens.

Interestingly enough, 55% of responders said they do not own any cryptocurrencies. The remaining 45% said they hold Bitcoin, Ether, or Dogecoin.

(All information was provided by Cointelegraph)

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