Why Esports Could Look Good On Your CV

When the first video games came on the market decades ago, they were seen by the general public as a waste of time without much-added value. But, the cliché of gamers spending their days in dark rooms with no social contacts is long gone. People enjoy more and more playing meilleur casino en ligne.

Thanks to smartphones, the expansion of the 5G network, and not to forget digitization, gaming is now a part of society. People play together with friends and team members via smartphones, computers, or consoles and are always connected worldwide via voice chat, exchanging ideas and pursuing common goals. Global pandemics or cultural differences are irrelevant.

The esports market analysis conducted by Nielsen on behalf of A1 Telekom shows that the topic has already arrived in Austria. Already 56% of the Austrian population says they regularly play video games.

It will show you are:

  • creative and innovative
  • skilled in problem-solving
  • a strategic planner
  • have social contacts
  • true team player
  • leadership skills
  • multitasking

Make It More Academic

University of Applied Management (HAM) and Esports Association Austria (ESVÖ) bring the study program “esports Management” to Vienna.

In the winter semester of 2020-21, the starting signal is to be given for the unique Bachelor’s program “esports Management” at the University of Applied Management (HAM) at the Vienna Campus. In the training of the digital sports designers of tomorrow, the university, in particular the Institute for esports (IES), is supported by the esports Association Austria (ESVÖ) as a central contact for the Austrian structures.

Esports is considered the largest sports society movement of recent times. The University of Applied Management creates a platform for educational and practice-oriented exchange in digital sports through the “Sports Management with an industry focus on eSports Management” study program. As a cooperation partner, the IES was able to win the leading promoter of digital sports in Austria, the ESVÖ.

“It is great to bring a degree program with the specialization “esports” to Austria. In the long run, the national scene will benefit greatly from trained academics in this field. We are happy to support the Institute for eSports (IES) of the University of Applied Management with our know-how in implementing the degree program in Vienna,” said Stefan Baloh, President of the ESVÖ.

The study program “esports Management” is aimed at young professionals interested in sports, gaming, and entertainment who want to work in the innovative growth market of digital sports. The study program is designed as an online study with attendance phases; the attendance times are held at the Vienna campus. After a study period of seven semesters, students complete the program with the academic degree “Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management”.

Events In Austria

The eSport Association Austria (ESVÖ) supports a variety of different tournaments throughout Austria. In order for both individual players and teams to present themselves in a suitable setting, some tournament series are particularly noteworthy. For example, the Austrian Console State Championship from 2009 initiated a continuous tournament era in Austria. Since 2017, Austrian esports has once again been on a strong upswing. Tournaments and leagues, such as the eBundesliga and the A1 eSports League Austria, provide fertile ground for the Austrian eSports landscape. Further tournament series are added year after year and, like the Console National Championship already, are held in front of live audiences.

In the eSport center of Vienna, the AREA52, tournaments take place throughout the year and are watched via live stream all over the world. A wide variety of tournament formats and rules are used, depending on the game selected. There are trained referees of the ESVÖ to ensure a smooth process.

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