Is BGMI Returning To The Google Play Store?

Could Battleground Mobile India be making a return to the Google Play Store this month? That certainly sounds like a possibility after a recent rumor suggests that the game could be made available on the Google Play Store as early as January 15th.

One of India’s top streamers, predatorsasuke, recently joined an Alpha Clasher live stream. During this stream, predatorsasuke claimed that he worked for Google and claimed to know a tentative date that BGMI would be unbanned.

“You’d be very happy, BGMI will launch on Google Play Store on 15th January; it is a tentative date,” predatorsasuke said. “I haven’t told the exact launch date. I only said that the game shall launch before 15th January.”

“The game is going to return in January, someone from Google said this,” said another influencer during the live stream. “I don’t know this personally, but I have heard this. That person is someone important in the Google community; he is someone in a leadership position. It doesn’t matter if someone from the gaming community says that the game will return. That person said that the game would return on 15th January.”

In July, sources that spoke with Reuters said the Indian government banned Battlegrounds Mobile India due to data sharing and data mining concerns involving China. According to the source, the Indian government was able to block the game thanks to the country’s IT law that was first established in 2020.

(All information was provided by G2G News and Reuters)

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