What Are Gen Z’s Favorite Video Games?

Gen Zers have emerged as one of the most vocal and powerful groups of people in the world over the last few years. So, Morning Consult recently interviewed several Americans between the ages of 13 and 25 to find out some of their gaming habits. The results were fascinating.

Based on this survey, 71% of Gen Zers said they were fans of the Minecraft franchise, making it the most popular video game amongst this demographic. This is a huge disparity from the 31% of American adults that said they enjoyed playing Minecraft games.

The Grand Theft Auto series placed second amongst Gen Zers with 63% of responders saying they were fans of the franchise. Call of Duty came in third place (58%) followed by Among Us in fourth place (54%) and Roblox in fifth place (48%).

Interestingly enough, only three video game franchises saw U.S. adults record higher approval ratings than Gen Zers. Adults in the United States had more favorable opinions of World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Final Fantasy than Gen Zers did.

(All information was provided by Morning Consult)

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