Sony Focusing More On Cloud Gaming?

A patent that was recently filed by Sony indicates the gaming giant could be interested in doing more in the cloud gaming space. The patent describes a “pass-through device” that players could use with a preferred streaming stick allowing them to play games with just a PS Plus account.

Sony is apparently looking to develop a streaming attachment for several devices. Moreover, the patent specifically mentions popular streaming sticks like Google Chromecast, Rokus, and Amazon Fire TV Sticks.

As Game Rant puts it, the patent suggests Sony could be “developing its own streaming stick.” That device would reportedly allow users to play games on TVs without needing a connection to PlayStation devices.

If Sony ends up re-launching PlayStation Now as a cloud gaming platform, it would signify a reversal of course for the entertainment giant. Last year, the company discontinued this service after launching an overhauled version of the PlayStation Plus subscription program.

(All information was provided by Game Rant and PSU)

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