Strategies and Tactics Used in Professional Valorant Matches

If you have been toiling in the trenches of competitive Valorant and want to revamp your skills and/or rank up, it might be worth your while to consider some of the strategies and tactics used by the pros in Valorant tournaments.

During the most recent international competitions, we’ve borne witness to professional gamers executing some of the most impressive, meticulous, perfectly-planned plays in Valorant’s history.

It goes without saying that lots of time goes into organizing, practicing, and perfecting these strategies. At the same time, there are great rewards to be enjoyed when everything comes together successfully.

Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the strategies and tactics used in professional Valorant matches.

Map Control Strategies

If a team has map control, it can achieve better enemy push, efficiency in their gun fights, and more effective rotations, which gives them an upper hand over its opponents.

Map control is a commonly used strategy in professional Valorant matches. Effective map control, for instance, allows the team to take up space, effectively backing the enemy up into a corner, chokepoint, or Killzone.

Essentially, the enemy is less likely to play in the map areas that are under your control. If you are playing defense, it’s, therefore, easier to anticipate where your attackers will be and effectively set up counterattacks. 

On the other hand, ‘holding space’ as part of your map control strategy may stall the enemy until a spike is either planted or detonated. 

Best Agents for Map Control in Valorant

Evidently, a number of Valorant agents are great at advancing a map control strategy on Valorant. 

  • Cypher is ideal for keeping control in big maps like Pearl, Haven, Fracture, and Breeze.
  • Killjoy is a great defense agent for map control in Icebox, Fracture, Bind, Ascent, and Haven
  • Chamber’s abilities can help you gain control in all maps

Ability Usage Strategies

The hero-centric Valorant setups mean that teams exploit their abilities to dominate their opponents and emerge victorious. Valorant players generally use their agents’ abilities to deal damage to the enemy, disrupt enemy movement, or block enemy progress. 

Ability usage strategies, therefore, revolve around the team coordinating their abilities to create perfect synergies for taking down opponents. 

Examples of Strategies Based on Ability Usage

Ability Usage in Haven

Use flashes and smokes to take control of the mid. Using Brimstone or Omen, smoke off the window and garage entrance. Use Skye or Breach to flash out the C link and grass. Use Raze or Sova to scout for enemies on either side of the mid. 

Ability Usage on Bind

Fake an A push using smokes and utility while going for a B execute. Use Brimstone or Omen to smoke off A heaven and A short. Use Killjoy or Cypher to place turrets or traps on A long. Use Reyna or Phoenix to flash out showers. The rest of the team can proceed quietly to B long. 

Ability Usage in Icebox

Use aggression and speed to stop an enemy from getting up defenses at a site. Use Viper or Sage to wall off an angle at the site. Use Raze or Jett to blast past or dash into the site. The rest of the team follows into the site using flashes, smokes, and utility to overwhelm the enemy. 

Team Coordination Strategies

A team is guaranteed a win if it works together to seamlessly set up plays, execute strategies and achieve objectives. In fact, beating a well-coordinated team is an incredibly difficult feat. Hence, professional teams prioritize teamwork above most other things. 

Team coordination strategies start with picking an impeccable, skilled in-game leader. The team leader must be an excellent communicator capable of providing concise, clear, and easy-to-follow instructions. 

Teammates must learn how to share as much information as possible quickly and clearly because the tempo in professional Valorant matches is usually fast-paced. Players ought to know how best to alert their mates on the status of their enemies, the play strategies being executed, as well as their own in-game status. 

All in all, teamwork strategies are built upon transforming players into a cohesive unit that moves and works like clockwork. 

Economy Management Strategies

Winning professional Valorant matches often involves carefully managing the economy to ensure that the team has the finest equipment and abilities. All that happens through a deep understating of the game’s economy mechanics coupled with careful planning. 


Just like in CS:GO, League of Legends, and other competitive Esports games, strategy is a major component of winning in Valorant. Consequently, professional Valorant gamers devise a variety of strategies including map control, team coordination, ability usage, and economy management. 

Be on the lookout to see how your favorite teams are using these strategies to outsmart, outplay, and triumph over their opponents in the upcoming Valorant contests. 

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