BBTV Announces Signings Of Numerous Gaming Influencers

Last week, the BroadbandTV Corporation announced the company signed several major esports influencers to increase viewership and monetization. Some of the influencers signed by the organization include Brandon Baum, HeyKids, Bari Koral, Everyday Crafts, and WG Mojo Shorts. These new signings are expected to bring in 272 million additional viewers.

Brandon Baum, who is the director and producer of the Youtube channel “Woody and Kleiny,” brings 93.57 million monthly views to the company. Meanwhile, BBTV anticipates HeyKids’ 11 channels to bring in 165 million more Youtube viewers. Bari Koral, Everyday Crafts, and WG Mojo Shorts will also give the organization 16.99 million viewers combined

Shahrzad Rafati, the chairperson and CEO of BBTV, explained his excitement about this chance for the business to grow. “BBTV adds significant value for influencers that are focused on expanding their viewership and monetization opportunities, as demonstrated by our latest round of major influencer signings,” he said. “Our global reach across multiple content genres and territories continue to expand, allowing us to not only benefit from increased viewership, but an ever-expanding platform to open new revenue opportunities from BBTV’s Plus Solutions.”

In January, BBTV announced it was expanding its services that were being offered to Tik Tok and Instagram influencers. BroadbandTV is a Canadian media and technology company that was founded in 2005. The business provides technology and management solutions to content creators and media companies looking to grow online audiences.

All information has been provided by BBTV Holdings Inc.

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