FYX Gaming Announces Partnership With Unikrn


Last week, FYX Gaming announced it has entered into a partnership with esports betting operator Unikrn. This deal will allow the companies to work together to create the next generation of iGaming technology and products.

Because of this partnership, CryptoFights (one of the flagship titles for FYX Gaming) will now be available on Unikrn Virtual. Unikrn Virtual is a proprietary gaming product that uses data from old esports matchups to create a stream of non-stop, live-betting markets. According to the deal, Unikrn Virtual will use data created in real-time during live CryptoFights matches as the foundation for a number of new streams and markets offered on the platform.

FYX CEO Adam King expressed his thoughts on the new partnership. “Today’s agreement between FYX and Unikrn is a huge first step towards shifting the business and monetization models that underpin the gaming industry. The partnership immediately creates an all-new revenue stream for game developers, with the foundation laid for future games on FYX to follow the CryptoFights template and integrate with Unikrn – another unique feature enabled through our innovative blockchain-based esports platform.”

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