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Rocket League Is Esports’ Best Shot At Making It To The Big Leagues

Even though several titles are hard to watch or understand casually, Rocket League may be the esports game that helps the industry take its next step into global recognition. According to EGM Now, “there’s no esport that’s easier to understand.”

The game, which is basically a soccer match played between cars with rocket boosters attached to them, has been a mega-hit since its release. After being created by Psyonix in 2015, the title has become hugely popular and now boasts 75 million global players.

The Rocket League Championship Series, which is now entering its tenth season, has already begun to expand its reach. The current season of the league (RLCS X) has now spread itself out to become a yearlong event. Each three-person team earns points for tournament placements. At the end of the year, a world championship competition will take place between the teams with the most overall points.

The first regional event took place in Europe back on March 11th. The last tournament will take place in North America on May 22nd and 23rd.

The Profit‘s Take:

Rocket League is easy to understand (soccer for esports) and follow, so it can break into the mainstream a lot easier than a more complex esport. However, Epic Games has shown an inability to build sustainable esports ecosystems around their games, and time will tell if they are able to have success with Rocket League esports in the long term.

(All information was provided by EGM Now, Rocket League, and Statista)

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