Helpshift Announces Mobile-Gaming Growth And Integrations

Last Tuesday, Helpshift, a player support platform for mobile gaming, launched its integration with Discord. The Helpshift Discord Extension is the first solution that allows game publishers to extend conversational and automated player support into Discord channels.

This announcement comes after Helpshift announced a partnership with Unity. As a result, the company has been named an official Unity Verified Solutions Partner. The hope is that Unity creators will be able to use Helpshift’s mobile-first technology right inside the game.

Eric Vermillion is the CEO of Helpshift. “Mobile gaming companies are experiencing explosive growth and, now more than ever, they understand the importance of delighting and retaining their players. We are proud to support so much of the gaming industry’s top brands and the needs of their players to have an always-on mobile support experience,” said Vermillion. “Our impressive traction in mobile gaming is just the beginning of our next chapter of growth as we help companies provide in-app support for the mobile apps that now power our lives — from gaming to fintech and beyond.”

(All information was provided by KPVI and PR Newswire)

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