HiDef Inc. Launches With $7.5M In Series A Funding

Veterans of the entertainment industry have come together to secure $7.5 million in series A funding for HiDef, Inc., a newly launched video game company. Wick Capital Partners led this round of funding. HiDef Inc. said the funding will go toward its flagship game, currently described as a “genre-defining metaverse.”

According to Finsmes, HiDef Inc. has raised over $9 million to date. As part of the funding, George Toulson, from Wick Capital Partners, will be joining HiDef’s Board of Directors in the coming weeks and months.

CEO Anthony Castoro laid out the company’s mission statement in a recent interview. “Our mission at HiDef is to make games that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives,” said CEO Castoro. “We know that for many, games are part of their lifestyle and culture. We create games-as-a-service that are designed to allow people to creatively express themselves and connect with one another in ways no other form of entertainment can. We feel that we have a responsibility to make sure that what we build is not only fun and engaging but also has a positive impact on communities across the globe.”

The start-up company is run by many entertainment industry vets. Some of the people involved with this business include Rick Fox, Anthony Castoro, Jace Hall, and social impact consultant Dr. David Washington.

(All information was provided by The Hollywood Reporter and Finsmes)

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