Developer Of “WowCube” Opens Up About Product In Interview

Shack News’ Greg Burke recently had a chance to interview Max Filin, the CEO of Cubios. During the conversation, Filin had time to discuss “Wowcube”, a new cube-shaped gaming and education device being put out by the company.

“This device is so unique that even manufacturing equipment wasn’t ready for production of its components,” Filin said. “We had to work with partners to reinvent and re-setup the equipment. We are happy that finally and despite all the difficulties that slowed down a global economy and all the manufacturing processes, [that we] can announce the start of pre-orders this year.”

The Wowcube is made up of 24 different screens that can be shifted and turned, similarly to a Rubik’s Cube. The product allows you to move screens and create different setups, something that is required in many of the apps and games that are available on the device.

The Wowcube is scheduled to be released sometime later this year for about $250. At this time, no official release date has been revealed for the product.

(All information was provided by Shack News and Residential Tech Today)

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