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Qualcomm Reportedly Developing Gaming Device

According to The Verge, Qualcomm is reportedly working on developing an Android-powered handheld gaming device similar to the Nintendo Switch. Qualcomm’s silicon would power the device, and the product could hit the shelves next year if it ends up actually being made.

The Verge is reporting that the device would feature detachable, Joy-Con-like controllers, an SD card slot, Android 12, and 5G capabilities. At this time, the physical dimensions of the product have not been revealed. However, XDA’s Editor-In-Chief, Mishaal Rahman, tweeted that the screen could be a little bigger than 6.5 inches.

According to Android Police, Qualcomm wants the product commercially available at retail stores. They are also saying that the target price for the device is $300. The Associated Press believes the product is almost a year from being finished.

The Profit‘s Take:

I believe there is a segment of the mobile gaming market that is more hardcore and that wants dedicated hardware to play their mobile games. While Qualcomm makes a lot of the relevant silicon (mobile cpus, modems, etc), they don’t have a recognizable brand among gamers. As such, it’s not clear this particular device will succeed. Maybe Qualcomm will go the OEM route and these devices will be sold to gaming brands who will re-brand them.

(All information was provided by The Verge)

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