Esports Boxing Club Hopes To Fill Fighting Game Void

A new promotional video from the indie game “Esports Boxing Club” has people talking about the current void in boxing esports. According to Gamespot‘s Steven Wright, the video “shows that the game is very much trying to pick up the mantle of EA’s Fight Night series.”

“Though the game is still in alpha, it certainly has the visual fidelity that fans of simulation boxing games like Fight Night have come to expect, with believable animations,” writes Wright. “In the video, various members of developer Steel City Interactive explain how they hope to bring additional layers of depth to the genre by including the ability to feint and giving certain stances the ability to automatically block certain punches.

Esports Boxing Club is an in-development boxing game in the works at Sheffield studio Steel City Interactive. It is due out in early access form on PC, and PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

(All information was provided by EuroGamer and GameSpot)

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